WindowBlinds 7.2

Manage and change Windows OS appereance using default custom themes
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Windows Blinds is a program that helps users customize Windows’ appearance in an easy way. With this tool users get various wallpapers and skins by default, they can also download some more if they want. Plus all themes can be modified: color, texture, transparency and more, that adds the personal touch.
The program’s interface is simple and cosists of a single window with the menu and option toolbar on the top and 7 different tabs, where users can make and apply the changes or select different appearance options.
This is a really useful program: it not only manages Windows appearance, but it enables users to modify the program itself. For instance, users can customize title bars, push buttons, text, animation, transparency percentage, and more. What’s even better,is that it offers to save these settings into presets, so the configurations can be applied quickly in the future.
Other useful features include the Randomizer, which takes different themes, whether they can be customized or set as default, and change them on defined and determined periods of time. Another feature allows applying themes individually, which affects only the defined applications.
Windows Blinds is available for Windows XP, Vista and 7. But, to be honest, it doesn’t work as well on Win XP, since this system doesn’t support Aero, transparency and other appearance enhancements that were made on newer Windows versions.

Max Santillana
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  • Manages Windows appearance.
  • Changes windows, bars, text, and borders.
  • Progress animations.
  • Customizable textures and colors.
  • Random wallpaper changer.
  • Hundreds of themes


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